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Stage Carving Video! & Galleries!

These pages contain all sorts of information and examples of various glass sandblasting techniques.

When I started blasting I found it difficult, at best, to find information about glass carving (sandblasting) short of a few craft chat rooms and then I seemed to be the center of attention because, as someone put, "this stuff is really different" and no one seems to do much of it.

I love to hear from my visitors! Questions, concerns, thoughts or comments. I'm always interested in others who are exploring this same medium, whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a seasoned hand. I do my best to answer all e-mail as soon as possible and am always glad to share what knowledge and experience I have. Whether your thinking of a new hobby, you have too much money and want to buy some fun equipment ( ! ) or you're thinking of starting a business or already have one of your own.

Framing is fun too - but not covered here (yet!).

I've been sandblasting for about twenty five years now, mostly just dabbling a little in the garage on occasion but I've taken on some pretty large orders as well as some longer run production work. I've tried a lot of mediums, some worked, some didn't. I didn't just stop at glass either. Stone, tile, wood, plastic, brick and even cement offer some interesting challenges. Eventually, I'd like to have examples of all these here for you to ponder.


If you're still wondering what glass carving is all about, take a peek at the galleries. The fish bowl on this page is my wife's favorite -- it beats cleaning our 55 gallon tank and is a little less exciting to watch but lots of fun to make! Beautiful and personal champagne glasses like the one on the right, is a wonderful gift and easy to do. Of course if you cut too deeply, you end up with a dribble glass - but they're fun too!

Questions? Hey, use the button on the left and drop me a note! Pictures? Send them along, I love seeing what others are up to too!

Thanks for visiting & have a blast!