Finding What You Need...


This list of suppliers is in no way complete nor does it imply a guarantee of their products, services, prices, quality, craftsmanship, or capabilities. Some of these suppliers I have used, others I have not. Some sites have only provided information that was of some value to me. Use these suppliers at your own risk. You can contact me for a personal opinion or experience if you like.

If you have found suppliers that might benefit other readers, please pass them along to me.

Photo resist and equipment/services suppliers:

Rayzist - this is my favorite supplier for photo resist - great folks, friendly, knowledgeable and service oriented. Tell them Cordell sent you!

PhotoBrasives - I have used their products, they're great "follow-up" folks assuring you success with their products.

Hartco - These folks have distributors around the country and provide non-photo resist products - I use them and love 'em.

Blasting Guns and nozzles

Note: You can pick up guns, nozzles, hoses etc. from most Loews (the old Eagle on West coast), Sears, Home Depot and a variety of other hardware/power equipment type stores.

Pickard Artistic Blasting Inc. - Here's a small trigger type blasting gun for some of the finer work as well as general blasting. It comes with a couple different size nozzles and hoses. I have one and love it! A bit pricey, but if you are going to be doing a lot of work, it's really worthwhile.

(this is the gun being used in the Stage Carving video)

Pressure Pots and compressor related equipment

Ruemelin - A couple friends use these pressure pots and swear by them

HarborFreight Tools - Not the highest end tools, but usually less expensive than most. I use their 40 pound pressure pots with good results. (They go on sale frequently at great prices)

Glastar - A great variety of products and useful information!

Pickard Artistic Blasting Inc. -He has custom pressure pots, cabinets, etc.


Both Rayzist and PhotoBrasives have what your looking for in this line. also has abrasive.

Glass and Crystal Blanks

Note: A great source for glass blanks is just at your local stained glass supply shop - lots of variety in glass as well as beveled and unique pieces!

Delphi Glass. They are great people to call for information and special needs too!

Rayzist - These folks just about have it all....

Masks and stencils - Custom and ready-made

Again, Rayzist and PhotoBrasives will do the work for you or provide what you need!

OK - so there you go --- if these links don't work, please let me know, people change things over time I'll most likely not be keeping a close eye on each and every one. If you have a site that you think is worth sharing, please sent it along to me. Thanks!