Glue Drawer



Down with Spray Glue Mess!

For years I have been spreading out newspapers, using old cardboard boxes, scraps of wood or the tops of my garbage cans to lay my paper designs on to spray glue them. What I have ended up with is a ton of very sticky paper, garbage can lids that my wife and kids continually get stuck to and wood scraps that have saw dust and glass chips adhered in unique patterns. I had to have a way out!
So, I saw something like this in a magazine a while back and knew this was for me. It's so great I have to share it with you!

Here is the drawer, all closed up and out of the way! This probably saves me about 5 minutes or more for each pattern that I want to spray glue -- and no more prying the kids hands off the top of the garbage cans either!

Here is the drawer, just partially open. It measure 19" deep and 24" wide.
I built it right under a work bench where I keep my glue and cutting tools - very handy. The drawer is only 3" deep. The bottom is lined with shelf paper - easy to remove when it gets coated heavily with spray glue.

The drawer slides on metal rails picked up from the local hardware store.

I popped the wire mesh bed that the patterns rest on up and out so you could see the side and top more easily. As you can see, I snipped about every 4th wire in the grid and bent it upwards. This supports the patterns (or wood that I spray finish) up off the top of the mesh itself. No more patterns sticking to the newspaper when I get cheap and try to reuse the same sheet for several pattern pieces!
I just bent the sides over and it rests right in the bottom of the drawer.