Stage Carving Vidoes



Carving different depths to give a feel of 3D

I've had many requests for more information on how to stage carve (blast) glass to give objects the appearance of being three dimentional. Here is a video that I made for a friend and am now including it for everyone to see.

The process is relatively simple, but takes some planning and strategy to get exactly the look you would like. Of course, just like any other phase of glass carving, this takes some time and practice. Grab a piece of glass and just try stage carving some simple designs -- even overlapping bars or circles just to start with.

This video is about 16 minutes in all -- I've chunked it up into three segments to ease the download portion for you. This video was a follow up to some written instructions I had given a friend that evidently wasn't very clear. I was told that this video did the trick for him -- hope it helps you as well!

Just click on the pictures below --